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An excerpt from The Past is the Present: At Home with Gunther Schuller, 2014.

Gunther Schuller discusses his pieces Trio and  On Light Wings, 2013. 

Gunther Schuller on the works of Henry Mollicone from an interview with Lawrence Kraman for the Newport Classic documentary
"The Face On The Barroom Floor: The Poem, The Place, The Opera."

Gunther Schuller on the style and legacy of saxophonist Lester Young, 2012.

Gunther Schuller shares stories about John Lewis and Lester Young, 2012.

Gunther Schuller discusses the founding of the Third Stream Department at New England Conservatory, 2012.

An interview with Gunther Schuller on his Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee, 1965.

Gunther Schuller in Conversation with David Starobin, 2008.


Gunther Schuller's Educational Legacy Part 1, 2022.

Gunther Schuller and Louis Andriessen at Boston Conservatory, 2014.

Gunther Schuller's Educational Legacy Part 2, 2022.

Gunther Schuller and David Amram discuss their eclectic lives and careers at New England Conservatory, 2014.

Gunther Schuller and violinist Nick Kitchen in a pre-concert conversation at the Library of Congress, 2011.

Gunther Fireside Chat LOC.png

Gunther Schuller and Loras Schissel discuss New York City's vibrant music scene of the 1940s-60s at the Library of Congress, 2005.

A panel discussion with the Koussevitzky Foundation board at the Library of Congress, 2014. Schuller joins the conversation at 9:30.



Gunther Schuller addresses the graduating class at the Cleveland Institute of Music, 2015.

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 12.03.26 PM.png

Gunther Schuller presents a lecture on the interconnectedness of fine arts and music at the Rhode Island School of Design, 1989.


Here's a brief story about the the days leading up to the premiere of Gunther Schuller's one-act opera, "The Fisherman and His Wife," during a time when civil unrest and student protest around the nation were rampant in the early 70s.

Gunther Schuller as a visiting artist at Crane School of Music, 2012.

Gunther Schuller and Joe Lovano on the Birth of the Cool Suite, 2006.

Gunther Schuller on his involvement with various musical traditions (presented by New Music USA)

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