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Films & Docs

A Documentary About The Visitation (1966)

This a rare German TV documentary about the 1966 premiere of Gunther Schuller's opera "The Visitation." Highlights include scenes of backstage production and dress rehearsals with the Hamburg State Opera Company, interviews with Schuller, Rolf Lieberman, Günther Rennert Rennert, and featuring McHenry Boatwright, Felicia Weathers, Simon Estes, Kirsten Meyer, Albert Mangelsdorf, Rolf Kühn, Bent Jadig, Dusko Goykovich, John C. Eaton, Peter Trunk, Ralph Hübner, among others.

Charles Mingus’ Epitaph, Trans Atlantic Jazz Orchestra (1999)

The Past Is In The Present (2014)

A film by Mary Trunk and Paul Sanchez

A short documentary portrait that captures Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Gunther Schuller at his home. An intimate visit as he goes about his daily life while revealing his creative process and love of both Classical Music and Jazz which culminated in his creation of Third Stream music.

Additional footage available here.

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