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About the Gunther Schuller Society



The Gunther Schuller Society was created by colleagues of Gunther Schuller as a vehicle for perpetuating and enhancing the legacy of this compleat musician: composer, author, conductor, horn player, educator and musical visionary.   It was incorporated in 2017 in New York State and is registered as a 501(C) 3 entity with the IRS as a tax exempt, non-profit corporation.

Below is a list of the officers of the Society as well as the board of advisors.  These advisors are active in the work of the Society and have contributed greatly to its founding and its growth.


Charles Peltz, President
George Schuller, Vice-President/Secretary
Kenneth Radnofsky, Treasurer

Patrick Keating, Secretary; President of Friends of GSS
Samantha Spear, ex-Oficio

Former and Founding Board Member John Heiss (1938-2023) 

Society Advisors

Carl Atkins

Ran Blake
Susan Calkins
Frank Epstein
Frederick Harris
Jennique Horrigan
Andrew Hurlbut
David Stevens

Gillian Rogell

David Reffkin

John Gingrich
Ken Schaphorst
Cj Kelley

Hankus Netsky

Margaret McAllister

Bruce Creditor

Nancy Zeltsman




How will we go about our work?  These projects represent some of the varied and vital work that the Society will undertake:  

  • An oral and video history

  • Creating urtext editions for use by scholars and performers

  • Editing and distributing archival recordings

  • Promoting and supporting books and articles focusing on Schuller and his music

  • A platform for publicizing concerts and Schuller events


But our most valuable work will be creating a community of Schuller advocates coming from many places in society – musicians, writers, artists – who wish to contribute to a living legacy of this essential artist. 

Mission Statement

“To preserve and illuminate the work of Gunther Schuller, and to perpetuate his ideals in the development of curiosity, innovation and character in today’s artists and society.”

Mission Statement



Any links are provided as a service to the musical community. The Gunther Schuller Society, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of information on third-party sites.

The Gunther Schuller society takes no responsibility for any errors in posted information.  It does not advocate for any particular performance, performer, lecture, lecturer or event.

The Gunther Schuller Society reserves the sole right to refuse to post any submitted material.

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