A documentary project featuring in-depth interviews with Gunther Schuller's colleagues, friends and relatives about his multi-faceted career.

David Amram

David Amram is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He first met Gunther Schuller in 1954 in Frankfurt, Germany and remained close friends for the next several decades. Amram was interviewed in his home in Beacon, NY in 2017 by Susan Calkins and George Schuller.

Samuel Adler

Samuel Adler is a composer, conductor, and teacher. He first worked with Gunther Schuller in 1965 when the Dallas Symphony performed Schuller’s piece Symphony. Adler was interviewed at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA in 2017 by Susan Calkins.

The Gunther Schuller Society was founded in 2017 to preserve and illuminate the work of Gunther Schuller, and to perpetuate his ideals in the development of curiosity, innovation and character in today’s artists and society.